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Current Programs offered by The Vancouver Lifeguard Association.

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Beach Alert Jr. Lifeguard Camps teach young lifesavers the skills they need to stay safe and to respond to an aquatic emergency, with a focus on fun, fitness, first aid, water safety, and leadership. 

The VLA Beach Alert camps train Jr. Lifesavers in three different environments; preparing participants for first aid emergencies on land, water rescues in pools, and safety on the beach and in the ocean.

This dynamic approach provides well-rounded exposure to the different elements of lifesaving and introduces participants to the fundamentals of real world lifesaving.

The camps include an introduction to lifeguard-specific skills, such as hand signals, communication, rescue drills, and the use of specialized equipment. Through relay races and simulated rescue, Beach Alert participants have fun as they learn, using fun equipment such as the paddleboards, rowboats, kayaks, and rescue cans.

The Beach Alert program is also an excellent introduction to basic skills if your child is preparing for Bronze Medallion, and is an excellent review of material in preparation for NLS. Getting hired as a lifeguard in Vancouver can be difficult because so many young people are certified each year with the minimum requirements for the job.

As a program recognized by the Vancouver Park Board, your child can get an edge on the competition by boosting their resume with the Beach Alert Program.

Both courses run from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. weekday mornings, with one week per session.

Pick up and drop off at Kits Yacht Club (Link: 2401 Point Grey Rd.).

Cost for one week is $150 per child, and includes a Beach Alert t-shirt along with registration in an exciting Jr. Lifeguard Competition.

The competition will take place at the end of the summer, and will give each participant the chance to show off what they have learned, and also to experience the thrill of competing in fitness and first aid events. Certificates will also be awarded at the competition!


Finished with swim lessons? Waiting to take Bronze Medallion? Then join the Vancouver Junior Lifeguard Club, run at Hillcrest Aquatic Centre. This swim club style program will prepare children for the next step in their aquatic adventures. Swimmers will develop water safety, fitness, lifesaving skills, knowledge, and practice in first aid in a fun and safe environment. The club will equip kids ages 9-15yrs with the skills they need to be better swimmers and successful lifeguards in the future. In addition, participants will work through the Lifesaving Society Canadian Swim Patrol program. Participants will receive a club t-shirt, and Canadian Swim Patrol stickers, and a WaterLog to mark their progress.

The Junior Lifeguard Club is a place for kids to:  

  • Learn important lifesaving and first aid skills

  • Challenge themselves to work for personal bests

  • Improve swimming technique and endurance

  • Get fit

  • Make friends

  • Have a great time!


Candidates can keep track of their improvement with the JLC Waterlog & Timetracker that records the swimmers’ achievements. These accomplishments and challenges are recognized with seals for:

  • Swimming Skills

  • Lifesaving Skills

  • Lifesaving Knowledge

  • Fitness

  • Community Education

  • Leadership and Teamwork

To contact us for information regarding the Junior Lifeguard Club or Beach Alert Camps email us at jrlifeguards@vancouverlifeguards.com.

The set runs once per week, for two hours per session. There is a Thursday and a Sunday set running simultaneously.

To register, see the Hillcrest Aquatic Centre website or call the pool: 604-257-8680.