Our vision is a thriving Vancouver lifeguard community where lifeguards , past, present and future, connect, learn and support each other.

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The Vancouver Lifeguard Association (VLA) is a non-profit organization of volunteers who bring Lifeguards together to work and play. We create opportunities to improve your skills, have fun and participate in your community. 


Join Us! Meet and work with people who have same interests. Come out to socials events and don our cool VLA swag.


VLA Membership is growing fast and welcomes any lifeguard, current or retired, beach or pool, from anywhere around the world. Come out and be a part of something bigger than yourself.

Membership Details: 


Full Membership - $20 Per Year

A person is eligible to be a full Member of the Vancouver Lifeguard Association if they are 16 years or older, currently hold a National Lifeguard Award or have previously held a National Lifeguard Award. To be member includes the obligation of prompt payment of dues and  participation in club activities.  Your conduct must reflect favourably with the image of the Vancouver Lifeguard Association and allies with our mission, vision and values. This membership allows the members to vote and participate at general meetings of the Association.

Please Note: Full Members must participate in one VLA event in the year to maintain your full membership status.It is your responsibility to find and sign up for events.

Associate Membership - $10 Per Year

A person is eligible to be an Associate Member of the Vancouver Lifeguard Association if they are 16 years or older, the obligation of prompt payment of dues, participation in club activities where applicable and their conduct reflects favourably with the image of the Vancouver Lifeguard Association and allies with the mission, vision and values. Holding an Associate Membership is a non-voting member.

2019 Membership Perks:


• Invite to all VLA volunteer events and socials throughout the year!



• ONE 2019 VLA T-shirt (Black, Charcoal or White Colour) Sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

* First come first serve basis



• ONE Custom Yellow Fox Forty Whistle with Wrist Coil



For the 2019 Season the VLA will be holding annual Standard First Aid CPR – C/AED recertifications between September 2019 to April 2020. Any member that has a “FULL membership” status , has paid their dues and fulfilled there obligation of  volunteering in one VLA event may sign up and recertify FREE of charge. Applicable dates of courses and sign up can be found at www.vancouverlifeguards.com/registration.


Please note these courses are subject to availability.


Sign up Here!


Membership Information Package HERE 

Membership Application HERE


Anyone whom wants to volunteer with the Vancouver Lifeguard Association must be a member